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Toronto Newborn Photos – Baby Eli

Baby Eli – Toronto Newborn Photos

My goodness my blog is neglected, my apologies! Funny thing about neglected blogs is that it is usually not a lack of things to post, or pictures to share, but the fact that we are SO BUSY there is just no time to share! This has been hands down my busiest year as a photographer since have kids, and I thank ALL of my amazing clients for that. I so appreciate your referrals, repeat business and spreading the word in general.

On July 1st my family moved into a new (to us) home and while we are enjoying the increased space and not being on top of each other, I may have underestimated how much work it is to move a household of 6 people. ? Thankfully we have an amazing team of family and friends that not only helped us get the move itself done but helped me pack, unpack and get everything set up so we could be functional again!

That all said I am super excited to share some of the beautiful babies and gorgeous sessions that have been happening at the studio over the last few weeks, because while the blog has been quiet we have been having a blast at the studio!

Toronto newborn photos of baby boy by Annya Miller

This sweet little fellow was so good for his session, and his big sister is just adorable too! She wasn’t as much interested in being in the pictures, but hey who can blame her for being a little thrown off in a new place with a new baby at only 2 years old! (We did get some of them together in the end with some sneaky little tricks, she was too cute!)

Toronto newborn photos of baby boy by Annya Miller

Another fan of the swaddle. They are almost never a fan of being put into it, but man they are happy once they are in there!

Toronto newborn photos of baby boy by Annya Miller

Toronto newborn photos of baby boy by Annya Miller

Look at these big beautiful eyes on this little guy! I love the hand up by the face too, he looks very thoughtful!

Toronto newborn photos of baby boy by Annya Miller

Thank you so much for bringing this gorgeous little man in for his first photoshoot! It was so nice to meet you all and I hope to get to see you all again!



Props by Roses and Ruffles, Oh So Savvy, and Lavender Gray Designs



Are you looking for Toronto newborn photos of your little one? I would love to chat with you about setting up a newborn session so that we can create gorgeous images that preserve all of the details of your perfect baby! I am a professional newborn photographer with over 10 years of experience photographing thousands of babies. This experience allows me to create consistent results, while keeping your sweet child safe and comfortable through out the entire process.

The studio is equipped with a large prop room so that each session can be completely customized to the tastes and preferences of the parents, and makes it so that you don’t need to bring any extras along! The aim is to make the process as smooth and stress free for you as possible, because I completely understand how exhausting raising a newborn is!

I would love to hear from you! Get in touch using the contact form below or give me a call at 647 272 5450. Can’t wait to hear from you!


July 17, 2018

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