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Every woman should have the oppourtunity to feel glamorous and beautiful during her pregnancy!
Get in touch and we can plan an incredible session that will make you feel exactly that way! Using professional lighting, posing and even gorgeous gowns we can create portraits that make you feel like a goddess!

Maternity sessions can take place in the studio year round, or at local parks and trails through out the summer months. Partners, siblings and even beloved pets are encouraged to join in on the fun so we can capture the excitement and anticipation of waiting for your new bundle of joy to arrive.

You will receive a gorgeous gallery of images to select from. Once you have made your selections I get to work perfecting each and every one so that you have incredible images to remind you just how perfect your newborn was!


Maternity Sessions Begin AT

Belly & Baby - $799
Petite maternity & Full newborn sessions
8 digital files from maternity
20 digital files from newborn

Petite Maternity Session - $299
30 minute maternity session
8 digital files of your choice

Full Maternity Session - $399
1 hour maternity session
15 digital files of your choice

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These precious moments pass too quickly,
don't miss the chance to capture every detail!

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What's Included?

Professional lighting, posing and access to maternity gowns

A stunning gallery of images to choose from

Professional retouching on all final images to ensure you are
THRILLED with your images

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time for pregnancy photos?

Typically maternity sessions should be scheduled for between 32 - 36 weeks of pregnancy. During this time we are able to capture your fabulous curves, without too much risk of baby showing up early and missing the opportunity.

Can Big Sister/Big Brother come too?

Of course!! Dad and any older siblings are encouraged to join in on the fun! It can be an awesome bonding experience for your older children to get some extra snuggles and help to create portraits to celebrate the anticipation of their new sibling.

Do I need to supply my own props/outfits?

There are a variety of maternity gowns available at the studio for use, however most women choose to bring some of their own clothes as well. I am always happy to provide guidance and make suggestions for items that will photograph well. 

Where will the session take place? 

Maternity sessions can take place at the studio in Pickering all year round, or at local parks and trails around the Durham Region from May - October.

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"Annya took such wonderful photos of my pregnancy. She made me feel incredible and relaxed at my maternity shoot.
She is accommodating and provides awesome customer service." Kelly

"Annya, you are absolutely incredible! This is such a beautiful and amazing gift! I can't even begin to tell you how appreciative I am! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!" - Chelsey

"I've never had a more comfortable experience in front of a camera! Annya made me feel confident, beautiful and involved in the process. She is incredibly talented and creative! I loved working with her during my maternity shoot and can't wait for my daughter to arrive for a newborn shoot!" - Dayna


Thanks for popping by! My name is Annya Miller and I am a wife, Mom of 4, and photographer.

My studio is located in Pickering, Ontario, just a short jog East of Toronto.

Having had little ones of my own I completely understand the stress and exhaustion that comes along with being a new parent. I truly care about each of my clients and don't want the beautiful memories of a new baby and growing family to get lost in the haze of sleeplessness. That is why I strive to make each experience relaxing, stress free and dare I say... FUN?! 

Get in touch and let me take the stress out of having portraits created!


Just a small town girl.

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