Pickering Baby Photography – My Own Little Miss

Pickering Baby Photography – My Own Sweet Girl

I have always heard that the more children you have, the less pictures you take. So far it seems to be true, but I am working hard to make sure I still get sweet little Elise into the studio on a regular basis while she is still so little and growing so quickly. A couple of weeks ago I brought her into the studio to do some 5 month portraits. She did this one:

Pickering baby photography by Annya Miller

and then decided that she had enough. Melt down time. With 4 small children at home it’s not that often that I manage to get her over there, so I figured I would just put her to sleep and see what happened…

Never in a million years did I expect that my sweet girl would not only sleep for a few pictures, but allow me to pose her like a newborn! I am just in love with these captures and how they perfectly show her features, her innocence and her super laid back, content personality.

Pickering baby photography by Annya Miller

Sweet, sweet, sleepy smiles. I swear she is the world’s happiest baby. I hope she keeps that joy forever.

Pickering baby photography by Annya Miller Pickering baby photography by Annya Miller

I just had to replicate this image from when she was a newborn… I didn’t have the pink blanket with me as it is her own personal blanket that my Mom made, but at least I was able to recreate the pose and headband. It’s amazing to see them side by side and see just how much she has changed in the past few months!

Durham Newborn Photography

Pickering baby photography by Annya Miller

This was her face when she woke up and saw what I was up to 😉

We newborn photographers always recommend trying to get your baby in within the first 2 weeks or so after they are born but if you missed the “ideal window” for newborn photos you may not get those sleepy baby pictures, but you can still capture your beautiful little one just the way they are right now. (and who knows, maybe with a little bit of voodoo baby magic they will sleep for a pose or two 😉 )



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May 27, 2015

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