Is Photography Safe During Covid?

As a new parent there are so many different things to think about, learn and of course – worry about! Adding a global pandemic on top of all of the typical fears can make the whole process feel a bit overwhelming.

Not surprisingly, one question that I have received a lot lately is “is it safe to bring my baby in for a photoshoot?” or “what precautions are being taken in the studio to make sure my baby doesn’t get sick?”.

Throughout the past year and a half the studio has been careful to follow government guidelines to make sure that all of the tiny babies visiting the studio, and their families, are kept as safe as possible. During the times when the studio has been permitted to be open here are some of the precautions that are kept in place.

All clients are screened before entering the studio. I complete the same screening each day to make sure our risk is kept low when interacting.

Hard/high touch surfaces are cleaned between appointments, and props are laundered/cleaned between babies as well.

During sessions the hand sanitizer is flowing freely. When photographing newborns I also make sure to sanitize my arms, or any other skin that could come in contact with baby.

I wear a mask at all times during studio appointments, and have now been fully vaccinated.

Thankfully, many of these procedures were already in place prior to the pandemic starting, since it has always been a top priority to make sure that the babies entering the studio are kept as safe as possible, so it hasn’t been too huge of an adjustment.

I am super excited to say that the studio is back up and running full time as of June 30th 2021, so if you have been waiting patiently to have your little one photographed (and feel comfortable) we can go ahead and schedule your little one in!

August 6, 2021

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